dear dreamer


"Tread softly because you tread upon my dreams." - William Butler Yeats

For all of the dreamers out there, who feel as if their plans have taken a wrong turn, who feel lost, or who feel disappointed because things didn't turn out the way they had imagined, this is for you:

You are not forgotten. Your dreams are not lost. 

A couple of weeks ago, these words penetrated a part of my soul that I had shoved out of sight and out of mind. The melody is still echoing and taking root in my heart.

Our dreams are delicate. Woven in conception by our Maker's hands and illumined by our passions, relationships, and imagination. They embody the fullness of who God is calling us to become.

Do we trust in God's journey of becoming?

When things aren't turning out the way we had planned or we can no longer envision how God is connecting the circumstances of the present moment to fulfill our dreams - what do we do? 

Personally, I feel tempted to let hopelessness and a false sense of abandonment creep in. Maybe it was too good to be true. I've been consumed by these thoughts more than I want to admit, and for those who are nodding their heads in agreement, I say:

God has not forgotten your dream.

Ask yourself this: Have I forgotten who God is?

He dreamed your dream before you could dream. The Maker of the heavens and the earth, the One who balances the ecosystem, softens the hardest of hearts, and gave His life for all of humanity and for you - fashioned your dream. He holds it tenderly, and He is not letting go. I repeat, He is not letting go.

Will you trust Me? Will you believe in My promise of goodness?You may not understand why or how or when, but that is okay. Don't let the mystery of my will discourage you. I promise that My fingerprints are found in every detail of your life. You are known, chosen, and loved with intention. Trust Me. Even when you cannot see me or feel me, I am closer than you know. 

Dear dreamer, this prayer is for you:

"Lord, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, where I am going, or what is going to happen once I get there; so I place myself completely and confidently into your hands. Lord, you are in control. You are my pilot." - Fr. Larry Gosselin, OFM

The same hands that gave your dream life are painting a masterpiece, and His strokes cannot be confined to our canvas. Nothing is out of His reach.