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We entrust ourselves to the merciful, healing love of Jesus, giving us the freedom to walk humbly in the pursuit of sainthood together.

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St. Therese of Lisieux told her story. We know it as A Story of a Soul. She courageously remembered when she experienced joy, confusion, desire, woundedness, fear, hope, grief, and faith. Therese’s story has captivated the modern Catholic world. A Doctor of the Church, a young woman, who was acutely aware of her fragility and akin with God’s mercy. She surrendered her woundedness, both past and present, in exchange for the freedom to love and be loved.

She let her Beloved rewrite her story.

Therese welcomed the heart of Jesus into every thought and emotion. The more she opened her soul to the magnitude of Christ’s love, the freer she was to love ardently, un-tethered by her littleness. Her vulnerability became her strength, for it was the channel through which God healed and glorified.

This journey to let God’s glory breakthrough is the little way to discover the story of your soul.

The Little Way is just that, a way of life. It’s a commitment to approach each day with an openness and desire to let Jesus deepen our perspective of who we are in his image. By letting our Author hold the pages of our story with tender mercy, our past will be illumined, our present set free, and our future blessed.

Henri Nouwen writes, “A child is the fruit conceived in vulnerability, community is the fruit born through brokenness, and intimacy is the fruit that grows through touching one another’s wounds.”

This is a place for the broken in me and the broken in you.

To experience healing in the innermost places of our soul.
To be known and loved as we are.
To rejoice in the life-giving freedom we find in vulnerability.

It requires a daily offering, a fiat, to what will become the chorus of your story: keep trying + keep trusting

I’m praying that together we will keep trying to attain holiness + keep trusting in the abundant faithfulness of Jesus’ mercy.

there exists but one Being capable of comprehending love; it is Jesus; he alone can give us back infinitely more than we shall ever give to him.
— St. Therese of Lisieux


the author | kendra mcclelland

The Little Way is my endeavor to capture the authentic joy of living in the freedom of Christ’s love, amidst my brokenness and need for healing. I commit to transparency because I believe the most profound beauty is only cultivated through sorrow. And I choose to praise, because Jesus loves with an everlasting love – one that does not depend on my merit.

I’m a Catholic convert working as a ministry consultant, following in the footsteps of St. Therese’s little way - because she chose me. On September 14, 1894, Therese discovered the little way, and 120 years later on that day, I came home to the Catholic Church.

I initially encountered the little way on a Divine Mercy retreat. Ever since, it’s been an entry point for deeper intimacy with Jesus through his desire to heal and make me whole. Therese has challenged me to entrust everything to Jesus. This is the hardest and most worthwhile pilgrimage of our life, one that we do not make alone, for Jesus is “the bread for our pilgrimage” (CCC 1392). His love sustains and fills us.

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